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Combination Whole House

Provide whole house or structure protection in a single package unit by installing Model 334 at utility service entrance. Based upon a combination package device that we designed and built for a U.S. home building customer, this product combines the best of voltage protection and filtering circuits into a simple, easy-to-install device.

Mount the chassis close to or on electrical service box and connect the protruding 24" leads to 120-0-120VAC line service through existing or new 60 amp or greater two pole circuit breaker to provide structural over voltage protection, RF and noise filtration at power delivery entrance.

Chassis also includes coaxial television arrestor that is DC passive up to 50V AC/DC, 54-1500 MHz, 75 ohms through "F" connectors input / output. Excellent for commercial CATV, outdoor antennas, or TVRO / DBS systems.

Telephone section is designed for one or two lines, 4 wire, modular wiring using RJ-11 connectors. Circuit is a hybrid gas tube / metal oxide system utilizing high permeability ferrite cores, 30db HF RF rejection.

Unit is built in a 4" square aluminum chassis, 2.5" tall, weight 2 pounds. Includes 4 page owner's manual / installation guide.

Order Model Type Price
334 Combination AC service telephone, TV Home protector $92.00

 Individual Bandpass Filter

Gain peak receiving and transmitting performance from modern transceivers and stop out-of-band energy from nearby transmitters with I.C.E.'s full line of single band filter units Practically an international standard among the top competition stations, government agencies, and disaster relief organizations, bandpass filters are used widely to pass only the listed frequency segments for which they are tuned blocking all frequencies above and below the passband.

Use bandpass filters anywhere that critical single band performance is required, or where nearby transmitting stations cause interference to needed communications. Excellent for multiple-operator stations, portable or field use, indoor or outdoor service, non-polarized. Chose from listings below.

This product is available in a wide variety of frequency ranges for specialized usage in the HF and VHF ranges. Possible uses include Marine Offshore Telephone, MARS, SWL, Red Cross, Aviation etc. Consult sales office with your requirements as we have constructed many variations of this product category.

Circuit uses a twin section dual resonator scheme in a compact 3" square heavy chassis. Units are rated for 200 Watts transmitter power ICS,SO-239 connectors standard. Packed with 4-page owner's manual.

download an Acrobat data sheet > Bandpass filters

Order Model Frequency Range Price
403 160 Meters, 1.8-2.0 Mhz $38.00
404 80/75 Meters, 3.5-4.0 Mhz $38.00
405 40 Meters, 7.0-7.3 Mhz $38.00
406 30 Meters, 10.1-10.2 Mhz $38.00
407 20 Meters, 14.0-14.35 Mhz $38.00
408 17 Meters, 18.0-18.2 Mhz $38.00
409 15 Meters, 21.0-21.5 Mhz $38.00
410 12 Meters, 24.9-25.0 Mhz $38.00
411 10 Meters, 28.0-29.7 Mhz $38.00
411CB CB Band $38.00
412  6 Meters, SSB, 50.0-50.5 Mhz $42.00
412W  6 Meters, Wide, 50.0-54.0 Mhz $42.00
413  2 Meters, 144-148 Mhz $42.00



Combination Bandpass Filter

- NEW 419B Model


A reintroduction of a product first featured in 1994, Model 419B is a six position bandpass transceiving filter for HF services.  Constructed in an I.C.E. standard heavy case measuring (HWD) 31/2" X 71/2" X 8", Model 419A standard model features the popular six Amateur Radio frequency bands 160, 80/75, 40, 20, 15 and 10 Meters in a manual or auto-switching circuit.

Individual twin tuned circuit bandpass sections are mounted to the copper chassis with all connections soldered and joined with copper strap lines, switched with double pole individually scaled RF relays. Band selection is done from the front panel directly by the operator with the main knob control or by automated means derived by ground closure to the 8-pin DIN connector on the rear panel surface. Switching time 11 milliseconds, voltage requirements 12VDC negative ground at about 100ma supplied to rear panel through coaxial DC connector. Power rating 200W ICS. Unit defaults to pass all signals directly through when power is turned off from front panel. LED indicators show active band selected in either manual or auto mode. New features in the "B" model include DC fuse, AC or "dirty" DC capable to make Unit operable in harsh locations. Weight 5 pounds.

download an Acrobat data sheet > Bandpass filters

Order Model Type Price
419B Combination Bandpass Filter $318.00


HF Lowpass Filters
                                                                                    model 420

One of our most popular products and sold worldwide, I.C.E. lowpass filters are a preferred standard among commercial and private users. Lowpass filters pass frequencies below rated cutoff pointwith little or no attenuation and harshly attenuate frequencies above designated cutoff point (30 MHz).

Model 420 Series filters are heavily built deep notching Chebyshev designs and are ideal for interference cases where harmonic or spurious energy is either detected or feared, and a must for good station design.

All units now rated for higher power than previous versions. Low power model 420 uses silver-mica capacitors, phenolic connectors, and available in SO-239s or N connectors. Higher power models 421 and 422 use thick (about five times the thickness of other manufacturers) Teflon TFE insulation sheet, brass or copper capacitor plates - and all connections are soldered - no "pop" rivets. Cases are all single unit chassis, fully shielded 1/8" thick 6063 aluminum extrusions.

All units come with 4-page owner's manual, connector covers, stainless steel grounding terminal. Use with mounting fixture for professional quality results.

download an Acrobat data sheet > LowPass filters

Order Model Type Connector Price
420 600W PEP/300W DC ICS SO-239 $44.00
420N 600W PEP/300W DC ICS N $46.00
421 8KW PEP/4KW DC ICS SO-239 $65.00
421N 8KW PEP/4KW DC ICS N $67.00

 VHF Lowpass Filters

Interference to other services is also commonplace when VHF transmitters are being employed. Both low and high power versions of our popular low pass filters are offered below, and they may even be "stacked" for peak performance (low power unit between transceiver and amplifier, high power filter on station output). All devices provide harsh cutoff, high attenuation, solid crush-proof design casing.

Similar in construction, appearance, size and weight to lower frequency models detailed at right, Models 425, 426  have higher cutoff points and are usable to 54 MHz for transmitting applications, ICS. Packed with 4 page owner's manual, these units also fit perfectly with mounting frames.

Order Model Type Connector Price
425 600W PEP/300W DC ICS SO-239 $44.00
425N 600W PEP/300W DC ICS N $46.00
426 3KW PEP SO-239 $65.00
426N 3KW PEP N $67.00

  TV Highpass Filters / AC Line Filters
      model 472B                                                                                                         model 430B
Interference to television reception from nearby HF transmitters is common and often a frustrating problem. Most disturbances are caused by simple RF voltage overload and can be reduced or eliminated with no more than the installation of an inexpensive highpass receiving filter.

Probably the world's only complete TVI prevention package. ICE's Model 430 Series units combine deep-notch low end cutoff attenuation slope below television frequencies to stop differential mode interference, input currents limiters to block strong signal overload, shield choke for common mode (cable shield electrification) interference, and even a front-end blocking circuit to isolate the TV set from the cable line for added interference and over voltage protection.

Filter circuit is 11 sections overall, 75 ohms, and constructed in a fully shielded 1/8" thick aluminum chassis housing with 'F' connector female input and output for fast, convenient connection to line and receiver terminals.

Model 430B is a wide spectrum version passing all frequencies from 54 to 500MHz Other models are the same except with the addition of specific wave traps to offer more attenuation to known interference frequencies. Model 436B is a suck-out version specially designed for interference caused by a nearby FM radio station. Notch to FM band peaks at about 25db, internally adjustable. Model 437B is similar but notch range is Amateur 2 Meter band (144-148Mhz), also internally adjustable by coil placement. Both units are tuned to the center of each undesired frequency band.

Filters are individually bagged with 4-page owner's manual. Each measures 3" square by 1" high, insertion loss 1-2dB, weight 1 pound.

Order Model Type Price
430B Wide Spectrum unit 54-500 Mhz $32.00
436B Same as Model 430B but with FM (88-108 Mhz) trap $34.00
437B Same as Model 430B but with 2M (144-148 Mhz) trap $34.00
472B Dual Isolation TVI Filter Assy $58.00

TV Bandpass Filters

If you use a VCR or cable channel converter with a single channel output (channel 3 or 4), here's an inexpensive way to provide additional off-frequency attenuation and clean output.

Models 434B (Channel 3) and 435B (Channel 4) allow the passage of the single channel while attenuating all frequencies both above and below the channel. Each filter also contains a shield choke input to block external currents possibly traveling on the cable shield, input limiter circuitry, and even front-end capacitive blocking to isolate the filter circuit from the line.

Units are 75 ohm, non-DC passive, and are identical in appearance and size to highpass filters shown above.

Order Model Type Price
434B TV Bandpass Filter Channel 3 $28.00
435B TV Bandpass Filter Channel 4 $28.00

BCB Interference Filters



Happy customer " I received the filter in good order, it has given me back 160 meters, this band was useless before the filter and now it is 100% usable. Thanks for a superb product at a totally reasonable price." de VE3XQQ..... Frank

AM broadcast stations transmitting in the frequency range from 550kHz to 1700kHz cause havoc with HF and VHF receiving operations, often inducing carriers, modulation, broadband noise and other disturbances into delicate equipment.

Such interference can frequently be heard mixing with other received signals in the shortwave bands and commonly overwhelms front ends of modern receivers.

Broadcast reject filters reduce AM band signals to levels where local Stations can still be received in most cases, but are no longer threatening to other desired services. A must for serious low frequency DXers or Amateur 160 Meter enthusiasts. Five models are available for both receive-only applications or for use with transceivers (allows transmission of up to 300 watts through the filter above the rated cutoff frequency).

Model 401 is for reception only and is designed to notch out the BCB band from 550kHz or 1700kHz, allowing reception of signals below 500 kc and above 1.8 MHz Model 400 units are designed to operate above 3.5MHz These two models are for reception only (400) or transceiving (400X) and, both units place the BCB band frequencies and below well into the stopband, inserting very high attenuation even at the higher end of the BCB band frequency segment.

Model 402 and 402X are receive only and transceive models respectively, and designed for use all the way down to 1.8 MHz, attenuating everything below.

Each filter is individually bagged with owner's manual, weights all 1 pound. Receive only filters are fitted with RCA pin connectors (or SO-239 connectors on request), while transceiver models are all SO-239s.

Order Model Application Attenuates Price
400 Receive Only  below 3.5 MHz $28.00
400X Transceive  below 3.5 MHz $42.00
401 Receive Only  500kc to 1.8 MHz $28.00
402 Receive Only  below 1.8MHz $28.00
402X Transceive  below 1.8 MHz $42.00


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