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Receive Only Processing Equipment

Bandpass Preamplifiers

One of our most popular products, receiving preamplifiers are used for achieving top signal band performance in competition operating, low noise longwave reception, repeater applications into the UHF region, or lab use. Achieve deep weak signal recovery, single band preselection, overload rejection in noisy urban environments and improved receiver sensitivity - all in one convenient, inexpensive package.

Models for 1998 include receive and transceiver versions (note as of OCT 2003 all Transceiver BX models have been discontinued), the latter with auto fail-safe switching during transmit up to 200 watts with variable changeover time delay. All Units feature RE input current limiter, voltage regulator, polarity over voltage/lightning protection.

Each preamp uses a single bipolar stage offering 18-20dB gain with only a tiny 1.4 dB noise figure. Built-in front panel switch allows preamp to be inserted or removed from receiving system anytime, and, there's even a control on the chassis which may be set to vary preamp gain.

All units are small in size, can be used indoors or outdoors, and require only about 50mA at 12VDC negative ground. Low frequency preamps (receive) are fitted with RCA "pin"connectors, higher-frequency models above 100 MHz are built with BNC connectors, but SO-239s or N connectors are available for all units if requested. Transceiver models all use SO-239s or BNC.

Housings are I.C.E. heavy wall 1/8" shielded chassis measuring 4" square by 1" height for receive-only models, 11/2" taIl for transceiver types, weight 1 pound each. Preamps are packed with 4 page owner's manual.

Receive Only Transceiver Use Frequency Range
Order Model Price discontinued Model Price
123B $48.00   123BX $76.00 160 Meters, 1.8-2.0 MHz
124B $48.00   124BX $48.00 80/75 Meters, 3.5-4.0 MHz
125B $48.00   125BX $76.00 40 Meters, 7.0-7.3 MHz
126B $48.00   126BX $76.00 20 Meters, 14.0-14.35 MHz
127B $48.00   127BX $76.00 15 Meters, 21.0-21.45 MHz
128CB $48.00   128CBX $76.00 11 Meters, 26.9-28.0 MHz
128B $48.00   128BX $76.00 10 Meters, 28.0-29.7 MHz
140B $48.00   140BX $76.00 6 Meters, 50.0-54.0 MHz

Wideband Preamp

Wideband preamps cover a large spectrum segment for receiver or transceiver use with no tuning requirements. Ideal for general coverage use in HF, VHF, UHF or CATV applications, these lightweight, portable preamps offer high gain with very high stability. Each uses a low gain transistor preamp with low noise characteristics similar features to the single band preamps, such as input current limiting circuitry (to protect amplifier devices from damage when large input signals are presented), voltage regulator, polarity protection, overvoltage control, lightning protection, and highpass filtering.

Model 135B is a single stage high gain preamp developed specially for the lowband enthusiast. It offers 20dB of weak signal improvement but only in the frequency range 1.8-4.0 MHz. Circuit employs cutoff filtering both below 1.8 MHz and then above 4.0 MHz, creating a 2.2 MHz bandpass region. Ideal for 160 and 80/75 Meter operators wishing to employ a single preamp for both bands together when used with Beverage, EWE, etc. Same chassis size of the other units, 50 ohms, 12VDC @ 50mA, RCA pin connectors standard.

Chassis controls include in/out switch, preamp gain, voltage indicator LED, and 2.5mm DC input connector for 12VDC negative ground at 100mA. Low frequency model 130B uses RCA pin connectors, 130BX is outfitted with SO-239s while VHF/UHF model 133B and 133BX are BNC standard and 170B connects with CATV standard "F" Connectors. N-type connectors are also available per request. Preamp gains are 16-18dB, chassis measures 4 inches square by 1" tall for receive-only models, 11/2" for transceiver types, weight 1 pound each. Each is packed with 4-page owner's manual and DC connector.

Order Model Price Description
130B $54.00 Receive Only, 1.8-30MHz
133B $54.00 Receive Only, 30-500MHz
135B $54.00 Receive Only, 1.8-4.0 MHz
170B $48.00 CATV use, 50-500MHz

Band Separators / Combiners

A modified version of a product that we have previously designed and built for the Marine Radio Services, Model 119 is a passive frequency band separator that may be used to divide and filter a single antenna input into two or three different band outputs. May also be employed for combining two or three different signal line sources into a common output. All units 50 ohms standard, receive-only or signal line levels, power handling capacity 50 watts.

Suggested uses include low band Amateur, MARS or industrial communications being received on a single antenna (such as a terminated or unterminated beverage, broadband loop, active antenna, EWE, etc.) and fed to two or three different receivers, each receiving on a different frequency band. Isolation between ports on models shown below typically about 40dB.

Circuit consists of both series and parallel tuned circuits in a divider configuration using torroidal inductors in lower frequency units and air wound coils in higher frequency models, silver mica capacitors used throughout. Units are tuned for 50 ohm low SWR match to provide passage of entire frequency band, high rejection balance of spectrum. Layout is compatible when used with receive splitters, preamplifiers, other filter devices, etc.

Two band units constructed in a 3" square X 11/2" high standard I.C.E. heavy chassis, 1/8" thick aluminum. Three band units slightly larger at 4" square, same height and construction.

Standard connectors for this product are RCA 'pin' coaxial, but units are available with SO-239, BNC, N or F connectors at no additional charge. Best bet - state which connectors best suit your existing cable setup and we'll accommodate. Input connector is mounted on one side of chassis, all outputs on the opposite side, top labeling. Units packed with owner's manual/tips, weight 1 pound each.

Order Model Price Description
119A $42.00 Amateur 160M/80M/ bands
119D $49.00 Amateur 160M/80M/40M bands

Beverage Matching Unit

One of our best selling products and popular worldwide Model 180 Series are broadband impedance matching units intended for use with HF lowband, low-noise receiving antennas. Ideal for long and medium wave listening applications in ground-based services or at sea when connected to terminated or unterminated beverages, long or random wires, broadband loops, EWEs, etc.

Coaxial cable attaches to input SO-239 connector (standard for this product), output impedance taps available for 300, 450, 600 and 800 ohms on side terminals. Case of unit works at ground potential.

Units are offered in two frequency ranges and in both high isolation (no DC continuity between input and outputs) or DC passive (DC continuity between SO-239 center pin and all outputs for directional switching operations). DC passive units usable with voltage duplexing through coaxial line up to 50VAC/DC. RF power rating about 25W-all models.

Isolation units are Models 180A (1.5 - 30MHz) and 182A (extended frequency coverage 100kHz - 30MHz). DC passive selections are Models 181A (1.5 - 30MHz) and Model 183A (extended frequency coverage 100kHz - 30 MHz). Isolation units are capacitor blocked at 2KV for lightning protection with on-board backup gas breakdown tube. DC passive units employ MOV dual-polarity overvoltage protection.

185A is a non-inductive resistive load for beverage terminations, taps of 300, 450, 600 and 800 ohms. Power handling capacity low continuous, 100W peak. Includes gas protective tube for lightning protection - works well in high-intensity RF fields.
All units built in I.C.E. standard heavy chassis measuring (HWD) 11/2" X 2" X 3", indoor/outdoor use, stainless steel hardware, flat surface mounting or use with bolt-on mounting frames featured on page 18. Each unit packed with 4-page owner's manual.

Order Model Price Description
180A $39.00 Isolation unit, 1.5-30MHz
181A $39.00 DC Passive unit, 1.5-30 MHz
182A $39.00 Isolation unit, 0.1-30 MHz
183A $39.00 DC Passive unit, 0.1-30 MHz
185A $34.00 Resistive Load Unit

Receiving Antenna Selector (Discontinued)
Model 186A

Want to have a wide selection of receiving antennas for your transceiver? Here's a trick unit that allows separate receive and transmit antenna control automatically without the requirement of transceiver modification. Up to six selections of receiving antennas can be made when the unit is turned on - automatic switching back to transmit feedline when transmit mode is enabled. Excellent for use with beverage antennas, receiving loops, or low noise random wires. Each input receiving antenna is DC-blocked for lightning protection, chassis case is used for grounding.

Special switch on rear panel allows for auxiliary output of selected receive antenna to allow external use of receive filtering, preamplification, etc. Simple cabling from output connector through external device and back into the unit completes the circuit. Or place switch in "join" position for normal operation.

Add a bandpass filter unit between the transceiver's output connector and the input connection to the 186 and enjoy single band filtration control on both transmit and receive modes automatically. Works equally well with single band filter or multiband switched filter. This unit is so adaptable that it can be used to control, switch, process and deliver a wide variety of useful transceiver services externally without internal modification of the radio.

186A requires 12VDC at about 50mA to achieve switching with built-in relay. Automatic timing for SSB/CW built in and variable with front panel control. Works with any radio with 1/2 Watt output up to 200 Watts. Frequency range 0.5-30 MHz, 50 or 75 ohms.

Transceiver connections are SO-239 input and output. Receive antenna and auxiliary connectors are RCA pin type. Chassis measures (HWD) 3" X 6" X 6", weight 4 pounds. Packed with 4-page owner's manual, DC connector.

Discontinued Oct  2003 - Sorry


Receive Signal Splitters

Connect multiple receivers to a single antenna or signal source with little or no reception loss caused by receiver multicoupling with Models 111 - 118 receive signal splitters. Units are impedance matched, balanced-feed between sections and use broadband ferrite balun-type cores.

Active units Models 112 (HF), 115 (VHF/ UHF), and 118 (CATV) employ single transistor technology and feature low gain with high port-to-port isolation, 20dB typical. All units operate on 12VDC 50-150 mA, negative ground and may be operated with simple non-regulated power supply. On-board regulator provides near battery-like voltage purity to amplifier sections. Other built-in features include input overload / voltage isolation protection, non-abusive polarity protection (no damage to unit or power supply if improper polarity is presented), non-DC passive outputs. Two output splitters provide 2 to 4 dB gain, four output units 1 to 2 dB gain average.

Passive Models 111 (HF), 114 (HF/ UHF), and 117 (CATV) use a similar ferrite signal division and port to port isolation of approximately 20dB. Two output units lose 3-4db, four output units 6-7db.

The 112-2A and 112-4A have a high pass filter set at 1.5 Mhz to reject BCB intermod when used in the Amateur bands. We do not recommend bypassing this filter due to overload, and IMD products that will occur.

All HF models (111, 112) employ RCA "pin" connectors. VHF / UHF models (114, 115) feature BNC connectors standard (N also available). CATV units (117, 118) are built with industry standard "F" connectors.

Active units all measure 4" square, 1" tall, 1/8" thick aluminum chassis. Passive units measure 2" X 3" (2 outputs) or 2" X 4" (4 outputs), all 1" tall. Any unit with SO-239 or N connectors 11/2" tall. Weight 1 pound.

Description Passive Active
Order Model Price Order Model Price
HF, 1.8-30MHz, 2 outputs 111-2A $26.00 112-2A $42.00
HF, 1.8-30 MHz, 4 outputs 111-4A $29.00 112-4A $49.00
V/U, 30-500 MHz, 2 outputs 114-2A $26.00 115-2A $42.00
V/U, 30-500 MHz, 4 outputs 114-4A $29.00 115-4A $49.00
CATV, 54-500MHz, 2 outputs 117-2A $26.00 118-2A $42.00
CATV, 54-500MHz, 4 outputs 117-4A $29.00 118-4A $49.00

RF Limiter / receiver protector

Here is a trick unit that is ideal for serious listeners on HF, VHF, and UHF. Receiver protector limits input RF signal threshold at any frequency at 0.3VRMS to protect receiver front end from damage due to nearby transmitted fields. Receiver still acts normally and measured signal strength is not affected.

Circuit uses a multi-stage design of transformer saturation coupling and current limiters. Models 196 and 198 are receive RF limiting only, while models 197 and 199 offer the same but with our constant-drain, capacitor-blocked lightning arrestor technology built in to the same unit.

For all receivers, especially the new broadband super-sensitive solid state units. Low frequency models are fitted with RCA pin connectors while high frequency units are BNC. N connectors available on request. Chassis measure (HWD) 1" x 2" x 3", weight one pound, packed with 4 page owner's manual / data sheet.


Order Model Type Price
196 Limiter only, HF 0.5-30 MHz $38.00
197 Limiter / Arrestor, HF 0.5-30 MHz $58.00
198 Limiter Only, VHF/UHF 30-500MHz $38.00
199 Limiter / Arrestor, VHF / UHF 30-500MHz $58.00

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