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Ground hub fitting

If you have experimented with or relied upon rusty electrical service clamps, hose clamps, or shoving wires under dirty bolt heads to ground your tower or radio equipment here's a refreshing, high-integrity method of achieving tight, professional-looking, long lasting ground terminations. Hub fittings are all solid aluminum 6061-T6 or hardened brass, machined to a variety of specifications that allow singular or multiple ground connections.

Models 370 through 370B feature center bore with stainless steel or brass set screw and dual attachment ports facing downward that snugly fit #4 TRW wire (or smaller). Models 378 through 378B are similar in size (11/2" X 1" X 3") but have dual outer connection ports facing sideways in a horizontal direction. Ideal for dissipation field terminations. Models 379 through 379B offer 8 downward facing holes similar to Model 370 but intended as a distribution frame for radial dissipation systems.

Each supplied with conductive copper anti-oxidant compound and all hardware.

Aluminum Brass Holes Rod Size
Order Model Price Order Model Price
370 $12.00 370S $19.00 Down 3/8"
370A $12.00 370AS $19.00 1/2"
370B $12.00 370BS $19.00 5/8"
378 $12.00 378S $19.00 Side (end) 3/8"
378A $12.00 378AS $19.00 1/2"
378B $12.00 378BS $19.00 5/8"
379 $22.00 379S $36.00 8 Down 3/8"
379A $22.00 379AS $36.00 1/2"
379B $22.00 379BS $36.00 5/8"

Grounding Blocks

High-integrity low inductance grounding of coaxial cable shields is one of the most beneficial and inexpensive procedures that communication facility owners can undertake to reduce ground level leakage radiation, lower receiver noise, provide direct shunt control of lightning currents and establish common-point neutral. I.C.E. grounding blocks are unique to the world, and now available in both natural 6061-T6 aluminum and solid, hardness brass. Blocks are machined two piece compressive assemblies, requiring only the removal of one inch of outer plastic sheath covering for quick and convenient installation.  Units provide durable, tight seal around outer conductor and protective sheath when installed with synthetic copper-loaded anti-oxidant compound (provided).

Models are available for most popular cables, and may be attached to station equipment or bulkhead with supplied hardware or bolted to any of the numerous frame mounts detailed in this catalog. Indoor or outdoor use, all stainless steel and brass hardware.

Each packed with anti-oxidant compound, mounting hardware, and 4-page owner's manual.

360 Series for copper heliax cables
Aluminum Brass  Fits cable Such as Cable shield size Overall (with jacket)
Order Model Price Order
360 $24.00 360S $36.00 1/4" Heliax Andrew FSJ/FHJ 0.250" 0.300"
361 $24.00 361S $36.00 3/8" Heliax Andrew LDF 0.350" 0.440"
362 $24.00 362S $36.00 1/2" Heliax Andrew FSJ 0.480" 0.520"
363 $24.00 363S $36.00 1/2" Heliax Andrew LDF 0.550" 0.640"
364 $36.00 364S $56.00 7/8" Heliax Andrew LDF/FHJ 0.980" 1.100"
365 $36.00 365S $56.00 1-1/4" Heliax Andrew LDF6 1.410" 1.600"
366 $38.00 366S $58.00 1-5/8" Heliax Andrew LDF7 1.830" 2.000"

380 Series for flexible coax and aluminum hardline cables
Aluminum Brass  Fits cable Such as Cable shield size Overall (with jacket)
Order Model Price Order Model Price
380 $24.00 380S $36.00 RG58(6) Belden 0.135" 0.195"
381 $24.00 381S $36.00 RG8X/RG59(5) Belden 0.170" 0.242"
382 $24.00 382S $36.00 RG6(5) Belden 0.220" 0.290"
383 $24.00 383S $36.00 RG8/RG213/9913(4) Belden 0.320" 0.405"
384 $24.00 384S $36.00 RG14(3) 6014 Dearborn 0.410" 0.545"
385 $24.00 385S $36.00 RG17(2) 6017 Dearborn 0.720" 0.870"
386 $24.00 386S $36.00 1/2" Hardline(3) Aluminum, all 0.500" 0.570"
387 $24.00 387S $36.00 3/4" Hardline(2) Aluminum, all 0.750" 0.820"

Ground block support mounts

Support mounts offer a high-integrity, low inductance method of attaching grounding blocks directly to ground rod tops. Available in single (one block) dual (two blocks), or triple (three blocks) versions with models available to fit most popular ground rod sizes, these assemblies are natural aluminum 6061-T6 or hardened brass, sanding texture finished, stainless or brass hardware. Unit weights are 2 pounds for single block mounts, 3 pounds for dual mounts, 4 pounds for triple units. (Add "S" to part number for brass.)
Aluminum Brass Type Rod Size
Order Model Price Order Model Price
390 $20.00 390S $34.00 Single Block 3/8"
390A $20.00 390AS $34.00 1/2"
390B $20.00 390BS $34.00 5/8"
391 $22.00 391S $36.00 Dual Block 3/8"
391A $22.00 391AS $36.00 1/2"
391B $22.00 391BS $36.00 5/8"
392 $24.00 392S $38.00 Triple Block 3/8"
392A $24.00 392AS $38.00 1/2"
392B $24.00 392BS $38.00 5/8"

Ground Block Attachment Hub

Model 389 is a ground cable attachment fitting in aluminum or brass that is identical in size and mounting to 360 and 380 Series blocks. Fits perfectly on all mounting frames but has 4 bored holes with stainless steel or brass setting bolts for inserting up to four heavy ground attachment cables. Holes are drilled and then counter-bored to perfectly snug fit with #4 THHW copper electric cable, although smaller ground wires may be used.

Suggested uses are grounding of tower, bulkhead grounding, use as a connection point for radial ground dissipation systems, or connecting multiple towers together with heavy cable for increased facility dissipation (highly recommended for multiple tower owners).

Supplied with synthetic copper-loaded anti-oxidant compound and stainless steel mounting hardware, weight 2 pounds.

Order Model Description Price
389 Aluminum Attachment Hub $22.00
389S Brass Attachment Hub $36.00

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