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AC Power Mains Impulse

Model 330 Series are structural protection assemblies that offers transient and overvoltage protection throughout the house or structure to items connected on the AC power lines connected through circuit breaker protection to the main incoming electrical panel, this unit requires only simple wire connections done in about 5 minutes time.

Once installed units provide diversion to incoming high voltage wavefronts by attacking transients and providing a safe leakage path to ground for the duration of intermittent spike events occurring to power lines outside the facility. The unit is inert during normal operation but provides filtering of electromagnetic signals which often cause noise and interference to household electronic equipment.

Circuit is a hybrid design utilizing gas discharge and metal oxide varistor technology with bypass devices for RFI / noise filtering. Maximum 60,000 Amp fast switch capacity. Case is at ground potential and safe to handle anytime. Housing is standard I.C.E. heavy chassis, fully shielded, burst-proof design.

Units measure (HWD) 11/2" X 3" X 3" flat surface mounting uses service box ground connection. Includes 18" leads, 4-page owner's manual, weight 1 pound.

Order Model Type Price
330 AC Power Mains Assy, Single Phase 120-0-120VAC (3 wire) $62.00
331 European Version, Single Phase 0-260VAC (3 wire) $68.00
332 U.S. 3-Phase Delta 0-240-240-240VAC $68.00
332A U.S. 3-Phase Y 0-120-208-208VAC $68.00
332B U.S. 3-Phase Y 0-277-480-480VAC $68.00

Fax machine and telephone line protector/filter

Facsimile (FAX) machines and Internet Computers / Modems have become a valued resource for business and personal communication needs worldwide, and the machines are more complex, expensive and delicate than ever. The machines and the transmissions they produce are subject to noise interference, static, lightning-produced voltage surges and even power line transients.

Specially designed for fax machines and computer modem use, Models 343 and 345 are combination packages featuring overvoltage control, both common and differential mode interference rejection and even spectrum filtering to improve audio response and data transfer clarity.

These multi-stage units are constructed in a fully-shielded heavy chassis and may be placed in fixed position or left on the floor behind operating table or fax machine. Telephone circuit protection and filtering are done on one side of the chassis with all modular connections. Just plug it in and you're all set. Overvoltage control uses metal-oxide varistors in balanced circuit with discrete component filtering. Noise rejection exceeds 30db. Special filtering uses low pass design with audio pass band cutoff.

AC section of unit offers 30db line isolation, overvoltage control, and even three outputs, externally mounted. Plug in up to three AC-operated items such as fax machine, computer, typewriter, etc. and spread protective functions around the office.  Unit is fuse protected at 30 amps, easily field serviceable. Extra 30AGC fuse included.

Model 343 and 345 measure (HWD) 21/2" X 4" X 4", weight 2 pounds, and come with permanently attached 6-foot 3 wire AC line cord, 4 page owner's manual.

Order Model Type Price
343 Computer/Modem Filter/Protector $88.00
345 Fax Machine Filter/Protector $88.00

Rotator line / remote switch transient suppressor / RF filter

Unshielded control line conductors used to operate remote switching operations, antenna rotators, and home weather stations are easily charged to thousands of volts potential referenced to ground by overhead lightning discharges, frequently causing severe darnage to equipment.

In the RF transmitting environment, these same leads often couple into transmitted energy and re-radiate signals at ground level, resulting in interference to nearby equipment tuned to other services.

Models 347, 348 and 349 solve both problems in one convenient unit. Easy to install and virtually permanent, this suppressor shunts RF currents and voltages over 20V, 50V or 120V directly to facility ground terminal connection.

Installation is a breeze and takes only a few moments. Each wire (up to 8 conductors on standard models and 12 conductors for the B models) entering from rotating unit or switch box may be attached to any of the 8/12 insulated terminals on the side of the unit. The same wire then continues from that connected point onward to control box destination. Connect the metal case to a ground rod or system and you're all set. May be used indoors or outdoors, designed for flat surface mounting, includes stainless steel grounding terminals.

Uses metal oxide varistor devices, AC or DC voltage rated, ceramic high-capacity RF bypassing components.

Packed with storage box, mounting hardware, 4-page owner's manual.

Order Model Type Price
347 For use with 20V or less systems, AC or DC $46.00
348 For use with 50V or less systems, AC or DC $46.00
349 For use with 120V or less systems, AC or DC $46.00
347B For use with 20V or less systems, AC or DC $66.00
348B For use with 50V or less systems, AC or DC $66.00
349B For use with 120V or less systems, AC or DC $66.00

Combination Whole house AC / Telephone / TV Protector

Provide whole house or structure protection in a single package unit by installing Model 334 at utility service entrance. Based upon a combination package device that we designed and built for a U.S. home building customer, this product combines the best of voltage protection and filtering circuits into a simple, easy-to install device.

Mount the chassis close to or on electrical service box and connect the protruding 24" leads to 120-0-120VAC line service through existing or new 60 amp or greater two pole circuit breaker to provide structural overvoltage protection, RF and noise filtration at power delivery entrance.

Chassis also includes coaxial television arrestor that DC passive up to 50V AC/DC, 54 - 1500MHz, 75 ohms through "F" connectors input - output.  Excellent for commercial CATV, outdoor antennas or TVRO / DBS systems.

Telephone section is designed for one or two lines, 4 wire, modular wiring using RJ-11 connectors. Circuit is a hybrid gas tube / metal oxide system utilizing high permeability ferrite cores, 30db HF RF rejection. Unit is built in a 4" square aluminum chassis, 21/2" tall, weight 2 pounds.  Includes 4 page owner's manual / installation guide.

Order Model Type Price
334 Combination AC service telephone, TV Home protector $92.00

Inline protector for delicate equipment

The perfect companion for AC-operated delicate electronic units such as computers, home entertainment items, cable television controllers, telephone answering machines, medical electronics, etc. Multi-stage unit is a hybrid design of metal oxide varistor and gas tube discharge technology with inductive isolation. Three outlet external mounted fixture is manufactured for us by General Electric.

Circuit consists of all discrete low-leakage componentry, 25amp maximum capacity with 30 amp fast-acting AFC fuse. Fuse is field replaceable and an extra fuse is provided. Heavy 3-wire grounding-type cord is permanently attached, 6 feet in length.

Model 336 is for 120VAC applications, 50/60hz, chassis is designed for flat surface mounting, stainless steel grounding terminals provided Aluminum chassis is 1/8" thick I.C.E. standard, measures (HWD) 11/2" X 4" - 4", weight 2 pounds.

Model 338 is for 240VAC applications, also 25A capacity with a single outlet equivalent to NEMA No. 6-20R. AC cord is left with open leads on opposite end for attachment to customer service receptacle. Unit uses two fuses, extras provided. Chassis is similar construction to Model 336 but measures (HWD) 2" x 4" x 4", weight 2 pounds.

All units packed with 4 page owner's operating instruction manual.

Order Model Type Price
336 120VAC, 25A, 3 outlets $78.00
338 240VAC, 25A, 1 outlet $84.00

Telephone mains impulse

Unshielded telephone wiring is very susceptible to natural and man-made interference as well as over voltage influence. Modern solid-state telephone equipment, computer modems, telephone patches and interconnection equipment and DSL modems are all easily damaged by fast rising transients caused by lightning discharges and electromagnetic fields.

Model 340 Series suppressors / filters are combination multi-stage units that isolate telephone circuits, providing hybrid dual-action voltage protection with gas-discharge and metal oxide component, and noise / RF filtering by twin-stage decoupling bypassing. May be installed indoors or outdoors at telephone line junction connections to building entry, for overhead or buried lines.

Measuring (HWD) 11/2" X 3" X 3", models are available for direct hardwiring with screw terminals or all modular. Both are 4-wire and designed for one or two line services, polarized (input and output), work with any telephone brands or models. Ground terminal connection required to nearby ground rod or earth electrode. Units are fully shielded assemblies in standard I.C.E. heavy chassis, packed with 4-page owner's manual, weight 1 pound.

Order Model Type Price
340 Screw terminals (4 input, 4 output) $58.00
340M Modular, Bell RJ-11 Series connectors $58.00
340D For DSL Lines Screw terminals (4 input, 4 output) $58.00
340D-RJ For DSL Lines Modular, Bell RJ-11 Series connectors $58.00


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