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Like no other protective device in the world for RF coaxial cable lines, patented 300-Series arrestors offer a complete, nearly perfect blocking/shunting system for induced voltages. Whether produced by lightning (directly or indirectly coupled), wind, rain, or snowfall I.C.E. arrestors are continuously active, constantly draining transmission line center conductor to ground. The result? Solid protection for station equipment and related noise.

All 300 Series units feature heavy discharge toroidal inductors used to neutralize developed voltages on the antenna side of a central high-voltage blocking capacitor. Inert gas tubes are used to limit the natural back-EMF voltages often induced across an inductor when large fast rising input currents are presented to the unit.

Sold and used worldwide, our arrestors are the first line of defense in lightning protection employed by such services as the U.S. Army, Boeing Corporation (Commercial Airplane Division), AT&T, MCI (Offshore RTTY Services), and a wide variety of Commercial Broadcast, Public Safety, Emergency Relief, Government, and Amateur interests. Our arrestors can be found in the most stark surroundings, from dense African jungles to the vast wastelands of some of the world's most punishing deserts. You can even drive a truck over the top of the chassis without damaging the contents (actually, you can do that to most I.C.E. products).

Available models cover the frequency range from as low as 100KHz to 1,000MHz. with lots of connector choices. High power units feature Teflon connectors while low power units are outfitted with phenolic-style connectors. All may be mounted on flat surfaces, grounding bulkheads, or through-mounted using dual stainless steel grounding screws for mechanical fastening. Packaged with 4-page informative owner's manual.  The arrestors are approx 3X3X2 inches.

These arrestors go the extra step to assure the maximum protection. Learn why they are the finest arrestor available.   See this technical publication

See this article for more information on these units "Dodging Thor's Hammer"

Order Model RF Power Freq. range Connectors Price
300/B 1KWPEP / 500W CSS 0.1-50 MHz BNC $40.00
300/N 1KWPEP / 500W CSS 0.1-50 MHz N $42.00
300/U 1KWPEP / 500W CSS 0.1-50 MHz SO-239 $40.00
301/B 1KWPEP / 500W CSS 1.5-50 MHz BNC $40.00
301/N 1KWPEP / 500W CSS 1.5-50 MHz N $42.00
301/U 1KWPEP / 500W CSS 1.5-50 MHz SO-239 $40.00
303/N 8KWPEP / 4KW CSS 1.5-50 MHz N $48.00
303/U 8KWPEP / 4KW CSS 1.5-50 MHz SO-239 $46.00
305/N 15KWPEP / 7.5KW CSS 1.5-50 MHz N $72.00
305/U 15KWPEP / 7.5KW CSS 1.5-50 MHz SO-239 $70.00

VHF/UHF/Microwave Coaxial Impulse Suppressor / Arrestor

Coaxial lightning arrestors for frequencies above 50 MHz use the same technology as lower frequency units described above and are all constructed in our standard arrestor housing which is detailed mechanically below (see graphic).

Even-numbered 302, 304 and 306 series units are ideal for terrestrial repeater or point-to-point services, commercial broadcast or cellular applications, long distance scatter, EME, etc. Each unit includes high voltage blocking between input and output ports with antenna side of arrestor connected through near dead-DC--short inductor to ground (case), draining center conductor of system continuously to earth connections.

All units are available with DC insertion modification which allows duplexing of AC or DC voltage through arrestor into transmission line to power mast-mounted preamps, switching, etc. To order, these parts have a "DC" suffix. Also state operating voltage and we'll construct the unit to provide close-in overvoltage attack, dual polarity. Voltage insertion is done from protruding hardware in top of arrestor through ground-lifted RF choke.

Order Model RF Power Freq. range Connectors Price
302/B 1KWPEP / 500W CSS 50-500 MHz BNC $40.00
302/N 1KWPEP / 500W CSS 50-500 MHz N $42.00
302/U 1KWPEP / 500W CSS 50-500 MHz SO-239 $40.00
304/N 3KWPEP / 1.5KW CSS 50-500 MHz N $46.00
304/U 3KWPEP / 1.5KW CSS 50-500 MHz SO-239 $44.00
306/D 1KWPEP / 500W CSS 100-1000 MHz 7/16 DIN $124.00
306/N 1KWPEP / 500W CSS 100-1000 MHz N $54.00

Open Wire Arrestor

For transmitting or receiving applications using open-wire fed systems in single wire or parallel balanced lines, these arrestors use our patented technology in larger housings with insulated terminals. Low power units are constructed in metallic aluminum chassis cases while high power arrestors are in PVC Weatherproof NEMA-style cases manufactured by CarlonCo. (Shielding of open wire arrestors is not necessary.)

ModeIs 308 and 308H are designed for use with open single wire systems such as tuned longwire antennas and random wires added with antenna tuners. Both are compatible up to their design power ratings with a wide variety of input impedances / reactances ranging from about 300 ohms to 600 ohms  Like all arrestor protection units these circuits are designed to be ground-mounted and should be installed close to earth entry point connections for best results.

Models 309 and 309H are configured for open wire balanced feed systems in the same impedance range as mentioned above. Compatible with both split capacitor type antenna tuner and balun output stages common in modern antenna tuning products.

All units use torroidal inductors and present near dead DC short on antenna side of arrestor, constantly draining feedline wires of static and any developed voltage potential feedthrough breakdown voltage from input ports to output ports 4,000 to 6,000 volts. Arrestor units may be placed anywhere in the feedline at ground level without serious change in tuning, but small change may be detectable due "to small" increase in total feedline length caused by size of arrestor case & circuit.

Models 308 and 309 series all rated for frequency range 1-30 MHz, non-DC continuous through ports, polarized. Low power units 308/309 constructed in aluminum cases measuring (HWD) 11/2" X 2" X 3", high power units 308H / 309H offered in NEMA PVC cases measuring 4" square, 2" 'high, brass connection hardware. All units packed with 4-page owner's manual.

Order Model Type Price
308 Single wire, 500W CSS, 1KWPEP $40.00
308H Single wire, 4KW CSS, 8KWPEP $64.00
309 Two wire feeders, 500 W CSS, 1KWPEP $46.00
309H Two wire feeders, 4 KW CSS, 8KWPEP $78.00

VHF/UHF/CATV Arrestor & Video Base Band Arrestor

Modern television and FM stereo systems are the most delicate ever built and can be easily damaged by voltage transients delivered by outside antennas or commercial cable systems. Cable companies offer little, if any, lightning protection and are not responsible for resultant damage when it occurs.

Model 310, 311, 312, 313 and 317 offer do-it-yourself protection and easy installation in just about any home or institution based system. Each is completely shielded and constructed in an aluminum case for indoor/outdoor services. The only other installation requirement is a ground rod earth terminal connected to the chassis.

Model 310 is a CATV arrestor designed for use with all receiving systems using coaxial cable and operating between 50MHz and 1 Ghz. (Commercial cable Systems operate mostly between 50 MHz and 500 MHz) This unit uses our patented high isolation blocking technology with inductor shunt output protection. "F" connectors standard, 75 ohms.

Model 311 is similar but allows insertion of AC or DC voltage up to 50 Volts for powering mast-mounted preamplifiers in home systems. Current rating 5 amperes maximum.

Model 312 is new for 1998 and is also a blocking unit similar to Model 310 but features an expanded frequency range from 1.5 MHz to 1,000 MHz for cable systems that offer two-way interactive features. Compatible with upgraded fiber optics cable networks and expanded channel services.

Model 317 is also similar to basic Model 310 but includes signal spark protection for higher sensitivity reception systems. This unit limits signal input during lightning disturbances to the receiving set's terminals to about 500 millivolts.

Model 313 is designed for 300 ohm open wire "ribbon" line in outdoor-antenna systems, frequency range 50-1,000 MHz, DC blocking. All units packed with 4-page owner's manual / instructions.

Model 320 is designed for CCTV 75 ohm applications, it is a DC blocking arrestor with BNC connectors.

Order Model Type Price
310 Coax/Blocking Arrestor, 75 Ohms, 50-1000MHz $38.00
311 Coax/DC Passive Arrestor, 75 Ohms, 50-1000MHz $38.00
312 Coax/Blocking Arrestor, 75 Ohms, 1.5-1000 MHz $38.00
313  Open Wire Blocking Arrestor, 300 Ohms, 50-1000 MHz $38.00
317 Coax/Blocking Arrestor, 75 Ohms, 50-1000 Mhz $44.00
320 Coax/Blocking Arrestor, 75 Ohms, Video 30Hz-10Mhz $46.00

TVRO/DBS Arrestors

Designed especially for TVRO Satellite and DBS home dish systems, these arrestors are DC passive to a flow tuning voltage to pass-through to dish-mounted electronics. Units work with older 8-10' dish systems and all brands of later DBS products using  18" higher frequency dishes.  The use of arrestor protection in all such systems provides earth ground neutral for dissipation of static and coaxial line electrification caused by overhead discharges.

Model 315 employs hybrid circuit of both gas discharge device and metal oxide varistors for fast attack speed, DC voltage passive up to 50 volts non-polarized, screw-in "F" connectors standard Frequency range 900-1500 MHz, 75 ohms impedance.

Model 316 is a combination unit which includes the circuitry from Model 315, and also a control wire protection system similar to our Model 348. Up to 8 conductors, maximum 50 Volts AC or DC may be used for azimuth / elevation control of satellite receiving dish antenna.

All units are constructed in aluminum cases stainless steel ground bolts protrude from the sides for making earth ground connections, or flat surface mounting. Model 315 is identical in size to other arrestor products at (HWD) 11/2" X 13/4" X 21/4". Model 316 measures 3" square by 21/2".tall. Each unit packed with 4-page owner's manual / guide.

Order Model Type Price
315 TVRO/DBS use, 900-1500 Mhz, 75 Ohms, DC Passive $40.00
316 TVRO use, 900-1500 Mhz, 75 Ohms, includes 8C Protector $72.00

Arrestor Mounting Fixtures

Industrial mounting frames are used with I.C.E. 300 Series Lightning Arrestors for attaching units directly to ground rod tops (keeping lead inductance to a near-zero minimum). This mounting method provides the highest possible performance for voltage protection. And they're built as if we're expecting you to be hit time after time. Upper horizontal mounting plate is pre-threaded and 1/2" thick solid 6061-T654 I aluminum bar stock, tower section is prefitted at factory and measures a bruising 1" X 11/2"- solid. Set screw that holds assembly to ground rod is stainless steel 1/4-20 Phillips head, balance of mounting hardware also 18-8 stainless steel.

Boring of lower section is designed to comfortably fit top of ground rod by simply sliding the whole assembly over the top of the rod after coating both surfaces with conductive copper-loaded anti-oxidant compound (provided). Bore, size is approximately .015-.020 larger than rod to keep the fit tight, the frame horizontal, and prevent entry of moisture, dirt, insects, etc.

Units are machined in one, two, and four-unit varieties indoor or outdoor use, accepts direct rain / snow exposure. Each unit is packed with anti-oxidant compound, #8-32 screws for arrestor chassis mounting, weight approximately 2 pounds.

Fits Price Ground
318-1 1 $22.00 3/8"

For models:
300 through 306
310 through 315

318-2 2 $24.00
318-4 4 $28.00
318-1A 1 $22.00 1/2"
318-2A 2 $24.00
318-4A 4 $28.00
318-1B 1 $22.00 5/8"
318-2B 2 $24.00
318-4B 4 $28.00
319-1 1 $24.00 3/8" For models:
308 and 309
319-2 2 $28.00
319-4 4 $30.00
319-1A 1 $24.00 1/2"
319-2A 2 $26.00
319-4A 4 $28.00
319-1B 1 $24.00 5/8"
319-2B 2 $26.00
319-4B 4 $28.00

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