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Telephone RFI Filter
model 465                                                                                  model 467

Interference to telephone equipment from nearby HF and VHF transmitters is one of the most pervasive types of interference, yet it is also one of the easiest to resolve. Arid while most telephone commercial telephone filters are pretty awful, I.C.E.'s Model 460 Series filters offer a full line of guaranteed effective telephone line RF blockers. Better yet, we're the only manufacturer of such devices in the world (so far as we know) that actually publishes measured loss figures, as we do for most products.

Model 465 is a basic 30db loss (50 ohms, 1-5 MHz) unit constructed in a 2" square ivory case with 6" flexible lead and fully outfitted with modular RJ11-type connectors. Four conductors pass through differential / common mode circuit, usable in both 1 and 2 phone fine applications.

Model 467 is similar in circuitry but is multi-stage and measures a whopping 50db loss (100 times the loss of the 465). This filter is constructed in a 2" x 3" black poly case with flexible leads and modular connectors.

Model 468 is a torroidal kit assembly which is dip-coated to prevent unwinding of the ferrite core. This model is for internal connections in telephone or wall-mounted units where little space is available. Measures about 1 inch in diameter and 1/2" high, flexible color-coded leads and wire nuts for connections, 30db loss.

Model 469 is a dip-painted torroidal 4-wire assembly that fits conveniently on handset cord at entrance to telephone body by winding 8-10 tums of the cord around the body of the core. Insertion loss is about 20db and suffices to isolate the handset cord from nearby RF fields. Available in a variety of colors that help make the torroidal core "disappear" into the surrounding cord. See color list printed below.

Each filter is packed with a 4-page owner's technical help manual.

Color choices white, ivory, red, light blue, brown, yellow, or natural black.

Qty Color Model Description Price
465-4 Modular Filter, 4 Wire, 30db loss $24.00
465-6 Modular Filter, 6 Wire, 30db loss $26.00
465-8 Modular Filter, 8 Wire, 30db loss $28.00
467 Modular Filter, 4 Wire, 50db loss $38.00
468 Hardwired Filter, 4 Wire, 30db loss $14.00
469 Toroidal Handset Filter, 20db loss $7.00

Stereo RFI Filters

RF Interference to stereo systems is mostly often caused by pickup from speaker leads being deposited into stereo receiver circuitry through the audio power output connections. A secondary source of interference is through the various AC power line wiring in the building and affecting the receiver through the power supply section.

Model 461 is a four conductor (2 conductors each for left and right) unit for hardwired connections on a side-mounted terminal block. Flexible 8 inch leads are color-coded and may be easily attached to stereo output section. Filter is rated at 250 Watts RMS @ 8 ohms, includes both common mode insertion loss (30db) and differential mode loss (50db). Unit is constructed in a black poly case measuring (HWD) 1" x 2" x 3".

Model 462 is the same filter but with an on-board AC line filter offering 30db of AC power line isolation and a three-output G.E. externally mounted socket into which three two wire system appliances may be connected. AC section rated for 800 watts maximum draw, 30db RF loss, and also includes overvoltage protection. Measures (HWD) 1" x 3" x 5".

Model 463 is similar to Model 461 but is wired for modular stereo connections using RCA pin connectors with 6" flexible leads. Case size, loss characteristics, and internal structure are the same.

Model 464 is a dual isolation version of the 463 with AC line filter I protection system also built-in, similar in size and characteristics to Model 462.

Each filter includes owner's manual.

Order Model Description Price
461 Hardwired Stereo Filter Assy, 4 Wire, 250W RMS $42.00
462 Hardwired Stereo Filter w/AC line filter, 3 outlets $58.00
463 Modular-style Stereo Filter Assy., 2 coaxial lines, 250W RMS $42.00
464 Modular Stereo Filter w/AC line filter, 3 outlets $58.00

  Mobile Regulator Filter
model 443

Engine-produced noise and "whine" interference is a plague to the modern mobile radio environment, often resulting in loss of reception range, modulation noise during transmit and even circuit damage. Such noises are produced by engine operation and enter radio equipment through the antenna lead as wide-spectrum arcing noise or through the power supply DC wiring. To determine which type of noise is the offender simply disconnect the antenna lead from the radio while the engine is running. If noise persists it's pretty likely a DC line problem, and a mobile regulator filter like the models shown here is the ideal remedy. If noise stops then it's a case of radiated RF and the solution lies in engine modification and/ or filtering.

Models 443 and 444 are dual voltage regulators and noise filters for noises entering through the automotive DC wiring. Regulation section provides constant 12.6V output, protecting delicate equipment from overvoltage transients during engine startup, recharge cycle fluctuations, or voltage regulator switching. Companion electronic noise filter is an all-electronic derived circuit, fuse protected, 25 Amps maximum.

Model 443 is for all 13.8VDC negative ground applications, while model 444 is a special version for 24VDC negative ground systems, providing a constant 12.6VDC output for down-conversions in aircraft or trucking applications.

Model 441 is a high current passive filter employing a large torroidal core of very high permeability material and a computer grade electrolytic bypass capacitor in an LC network. Ideal for applications up to 25 Amps in which voltage sensitivity of equipment won't allow the use of an active regulator circuit or where lower cost is desired. Insertion loss for noise frequencies about 20db.

Each is packed with extra fuse, all stainless steel and heavy brass hardware. Sizes (HWD) 1 -1/2" x 3" x 3". Includes 4-page owner's manual.

All units designed for negative ground service only.

Order Model Description Price
441 Passive Noise Filter, 25A ICS $39.00
443 Filter/Regulator for 13.8VDC applications, 25A $49.00
444 Filter/Regulator for 24VDC applications, 25A $58.00


AC Line Filter

Most modem electronic equipment devices are subject to interference from electromagnetic signals and noise entering via AC line power cords. Video cassette recorders, television sets, consumer audio gear and many telecommunications products are now being constructed with transformerless power supply technology, making each piece more sensitive than ever to line variations and interference.

AC line filters offer an inexpensive alternative to the risk and unpleasantry of dealing with many types of line problems. I.C.E. line filters are a complete package of inductive isolation, overvoltage control, capacitive decoupling, and interference control of both common mode and differential mode signals across a broad frequency spectrum range. And there are many new models offering currents to 40 Amps and up to 6 plug-in outlets.

Filters are constructed in a tough, single piece heavy chassis measuring 4" square, and each includes 6 foot molded line cord, fuse (replaced if necessary from the outside), and stainless steel ground terminal. Models for 120VAC are outfitted with General Electric triple tap outlet so that 3 or 6 cords may be plugged into the unit, 2 or 3 wire versions available. Units designed for 240VAC are fitted with a single outleC6quivalent to NEMA # 6-20R (25A) and # 6-30R (40A). All filters are rated for intermittent duty service.

All are designed for flat surface mounting and may be used with or without ground terminal connection. Performance improves if local ground connection can be made and if distance from filter body to ground is kept short.

Each unit is packed with 4-page informative owner's manual and extra fuse.

See the Review that appeared in QST

An important note to our EU friends - These filters are not to be used on European power standards.  The 240VAC models are developed for US standards where 120- 0 -120 VAC lines are used to develop 240V AC.

Order Model Type Voltage Outlets Price
473-2 AC Filter, 40A, 2 wire 120VAC 50/60 Hz 3 $74.00
473-3 AC Filter, 40A, 3 wire 120VAC 50/60 Hz 3 $76.00
475-2 AC Filter, 25A, 2 wire 120VAC 50/60 Hz 3 $62.00
475-3 AC Filter, 25A, 3 wire 120VAC 50/60 Hz 3 $66.00
473C-2 AC Filter, 40A, 2 wire 120VAC 50/60 Hz 6 $84.00
473C-3 AC Filter, 40A, 3 wire 120VAC 50/60 Hz 6 $86.00
475C-2 AC Filter, 25A, 2 wire 120VAC 50/60 Hz 6 $72.00
475C-3 AC Filter, 25A, 3 wire 120VAC 50/60 Hz 6 $76.00
477 AC Filter, 25A 240VAC 50/60 Hz 1 $74.00
478 AC Filter, 40A 240VAC 50/60 Hz 1 $80.00
  479 AC Filter, coming soon 240VAC 50/60 Hz   $138.00

Telephone Mains Impulse

Unshielded telephone wiring is very susceptible to natural and man-made interference as well as overvoltage influence. Modern solid-state telephone equipment, computer modems, telephone patches and interconnection equipment are all easily damaged by fast rising transients caused by lightning discharges and electromagnetic fields.

Model 340 Series suppressors / filters are combination multi-stage units that isolate telephone circuits, providing hybrid dual-action voltage protection with gas-discharge and metal oxide componentry, and noise / RF filtering by twin-stage decoupling bypassing. May be installed indoors or outdoors at telephone line junction connections to building entry, for overhead or buried lines.

Measuring (HWD) 11/2" X 3" X 3", models are available for direct hardwiring with screw terminals or all modular. Both are 4-wire and designed for one or two line services, polarized (input and output), work with any telephone brands or models. Ground terminal connection required to nearby ground rod or earth electrode. Units are fully shielded assemblies in standard I.C.E. heavy chassis, packed with 4-page owner's manual.
Order Model Type Price
340 Screw terminals (4 input, 4 output) $58.00
340M Modular, Bell RJ-11 Series connectors $58.00

Fax Machine Phone Line Protector

Facsimile (FAX) machines and Internet Computers / Modems have become a valued resource for business and personal communication needs worldwide, and the machines are more complex, expensive and delicate than ever. The machines and the transmissions they produce are subject to noise interference, static, lightning-produced voltage surges and even power line transients.

Specially designed for fax machines and computer modem use, Models 343 and 345 are combination packages featuring overvoltage control, both common and differential mode interference rejection and even spectrum filtering to improve audio response and data transfer clarity.

These multi-stage units are constructed in a fully-shielded heavy chassis and may be placed in fixed position or left on the floor behind operating table or fax machine. Telephone circuit protection and filtering are done on one side of the chassis with all modular connections. Just plug it in and you're all set. Overvoltage control uses metal-oxide varistors in balanced circuit with discrete component filtering. Noise rejection exceeds 30db. Special filtering uses low pass design with audio pass band cutoff.

AC section of unit offers 30db line isolation, overvoltage control, and even three outputs, externally mounted. Plug in up to three AC-operated items such as fax machine, computer, typewriter, etc. and spread protective functions around the office.  Unit is fuse protected at 30 amps, easily field serviceable. Extra 30AGC fuse included.

Model 343 and 345 measure (HWD) 21/2" X 4" X 4", weight 2 pounds, and come with permanently attached 6-foot 3 wire AC line cord, 4 page owner's manual.
Order Model Type Price
343 Computer/Modem Filter/Protector $88.00
345 Fax Machine Filter/Protector $88.00

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