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Ground treatment fixture kits

Here's a trick and simple system to improve ground conductivity at tower bases, equipment shelters, electrical services, or anywhere that good grounding is essential. Model 620 kit consists of 36" of 4" diameter white plastic pipe, drilled in a mixed pattern at one end with 1/2" holes.

To install, simply dig a hole 30" deep with a do-it-yourself type post hole digger and insert pipe with drilled end down into hole. Fill pipe with locally purchased coarse rock salt or other conductive chemicals, then fill pipe with water.

Water seeps through holes 12" below ground surface and lower constantly seeding soil around grounding system with moisture and water-retaining agents. Ground system remains wet and highly conductive, even during droughts. Just add water from time to time and the insertion pipe kit does the rest. Appearance of assembly is neat and professional.

Includes pipe, caps, instruction for installation and use.

Order Model Type Price
620 Ground treatment fixture kit $18.00

Conductive Anti-Oxidants

Electrical contact between metal surfaces, especially between dissimilar metals can be rapidly compromised in the presence of oxygen, water, salts, pollutants, and other oxidizing agents. Aluminum antenna element material, copper grounding electrodes and even the integrity of mated galvanized tower section joints can he secured and improved with the application of I.C.E. 600 Series conductive surface coatings.

These synthetic-based lubricants are heavily loaded with copper, aluminum, nickel, and bronze flakes in the 5-10 micron range.  Non-miscible with water or other environmental agents, anti-oxidants provide a conductive medium under pressure to fill voids between mated metal surfaces where low resistance and long term reliability in harsh surroundings are required.

And our 600-Series compounds offer a variety of engineered solutions designed for specific applications in telecommunications use - not just a single squeeze bottle full of lead powder in a gooey, running oil bath like Burndy Penetrox or Ideal Noalox. Better yet, 600 Series products have enormous rated temperature working ranges - even when applied under severe pressure or extended time.

Here's a selection guide to the various types available and their suggested uses:

  • Model 601 - A generous compound of copper flakes in a synthetic base, temperature rating -60F to 1,500F, suggested uses copper-to-copper or copper-to-brass joints, or other joints in which copper or brass is involved in either one or both mated metal surfaces.
  • Model 602- Similar compound to 601 but with the addition of aluminum flakes in a hybrid mix and intended for all aluminum connections in which aluminum is one of the surfaces. Ideal for antenna elements, feed system joints, bulkhead connections, etc. Temperatures range -60F to 1,500F
  • Model 603 - A complex compound of nickel, copper, and bronze flakes in a strong synthetic base with a temperate range of -60 to 2,000F. Suggested uses for this product are where steel or zinc-plated steel is being used, such as between tower section joints in steel communication towers, connections to tower legs, stainless steel antenna connection joints, etc.
Use anti-oxidants in a liberal manner when making connections, allowing excess compound to squirt outward from the joint when pressurized. This excess may be easily captured and restored to original tub for reuse. Anti-oxidants may be cleaned off for recoating with most petroleum distillates or alcohols. Cleanup from bands is with soap and water - non-toxic to touch. Each tub is shipped with owner's manual / instructions for general use.

Order Model Type Price
601-2 Copper Compound, flip-top tub measures 3/4" x 1–1/2" $3.00
601-4 Copper Compound, flip-top tub measures 1–1/2" x 1–1/2" $5.00
601-8 Copper Compound, flip-top tub measures 2" x 1–1/2" $7.00
601-10 Copper Compound, flip-top tub measures 2" x 3" $10.00
602-2 Copper/Aluminum Compound, flip-top tub measures 3/4" x 1–1/2" $3.00
602-4 Copper/Aluminum Compound, flip-top tub measures 1–1/2" x 1–1/2" $5.00
602-8 Copper/Aluminum Compound, flip-top tub measures 2" x 1–1/2" $7.00
602-10 Copper/Aluminum Compound, flip-top tub measures 2" x 3" $10.00
603-2 Nickel/Copper Compound, flip-top tub measures 3/4" x 1–1/2" $4.00
603-4 Nickel/Copper Compound, flip-top tub measures 1–1/2" x 1–1/2" $6.00
603-8 Nickel/Copper Compound, flip-top tub measures 2" x 1–1/2" $9.00
603-10 Nickel/Copper Compound, flip-top tub measures 2" x 3" $15.00


Coating and Filling Products

Terminal connections in antenna, tower, and grounding systems deteriorate quickly when exposed to rain, pollutants, insects, and other contaminants. Coating and filling products are the ideal choice to fill or protect connections and ensure long-term reliability, especially in areas that are difficult or hazardous to access.

Model 615 items are comprised of a synthetic silicon grease material, thick but easily spreadable. Suggeseted uses are to fill the void of RF connections or high voltage joints. Grease is easily pushed out of the way by mating conductors, but fills the void around them to prevent air and moisture from settling in. Excellent dielectric characteristics, non-miscible with most chemical agents or vapors, grease is opaque and maintains thick viscous nature in temperatures ranging from -60F to 500F.

Model 615 is a tar-based heavy black agent used to coat exterior surfaces of outdoor connections. Special additives provide excellent UV resistance, easy spreading. Packed in metal cans, dries tack-resistant in a few hours, miscible with strong alcohol or gasoline. Easy to dissolve after use and then recoat when antenna changes or inspections are made.

Each is packed with data sheet and suggested instructional uses. 

Order Model Type Price
615-2 Silicon filler grease, 1 oz. flip-top tub measures 3/4" x 1.5" $3.00
615-4 Silicon filler grease, 2 oz. flip-top tub measures 1.5" x 1.5" $4.00
615-8 Silicon filler grease, 4oz. flip-top tub measures 2" x 1.5" $6.00
615-10 Silicon filler grease, 8 oz. flip-top tub measures 2" x 3" $10.00
617-P Surface protection coating, 1 pound pint can $6.00
617-Q Surface protection coating, 3 pound quart can $12.00

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