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New and improved products - from the legendary designs

We Thank all those who have been waiting for us to introduce these products. Please click on the product picture and it will take you to the newly developed products using the I.C.E principles but mechanically and electronically improved.

NOTE - Some of the product Links to the products below contain more then one variation of the products so scroll through to the one you are interested in.

Coaxial Lightning arrestors and control line arrestors.  Formerly ICE 303U and 302U1 to 500MHz ranges

Control Line Arrestors 8,12, and 16 wire formerly ICE model 348 etc

Ladder Line and Open Line Arrestor

Model AS-309H


AS-RXFEP -  Limiter / Receiver Front End Protector

Formerly ICE model 197 (196)

AS-402 now AS-1.8HPF-RX  attenuates below 1.8MHz  New Design - Super performance

Formerly ICE model 402


Now with 3 Poles, WARC Bands included and 200W

 They are Back and better than ever!

Also the new and improved ICE 419b replacement is now available

 AS-419 BandPasser

  • Six bands in one compact unit

  • 100 Watt RF power

  • VSWR less than 1.25:1 across the band

  • Low Insertion Loss

  • High rejection of adjacent bands

  • Hand tuned for maximum performance

  • Cost effective 2 resonator design

  • Anodized aluminum case

  • Laser engraved

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